The 65th Past versus Present…..

… will take place on Saturday February 15th on the new courts at the University Sports Centre in what President Bob Dolby calls “New Portugal Place”. The Past side will include Charlie Brooks, Joe Gribble, Martin Wilkinson, Fred Kelly, Tom Chase, Elliott Malone, Paddy d’Ancona, Mick d’Ancona, Chris Jones, Rupert Walter and Peter Judge. Other Sparrows will be there “for a hit”.

At the match a plaque will be unveiled dedicating the new courts to the memory of Jock Burnet, President of CURFC 1949-1989, and spectators will be able to admire the Honours Boards commemorating the teams which have represented Cambridge in the Varsity Match since 1925.

There will be some 90 people at the Jock Burnet Dinner that evening, which will be held for the first time in Selwyn College.