Present win annual match versus the Past

A team drawn from Ed Kay, Jacob Brubert, Jack Malde, Zach Brubert, Jacob Ader, Wilson Lau, Tom Bury, James Pinder and Richard Law achieved a second win in a row against the Past. Kay, Brubert J, Malde and Brubert Z went  17 points up after the Singles, where Charlie Brooks and Tom Chase recorded wins for the Past while Fred Kelly and Elliott Malone went down. The Present increased their lead in the first round of Doubles, which saw Chris Jones & Rupert Walter, Paddy d’Ancona & Mick d’Ancona enter the fray for the Past. Pick of the contests was a 90 minute battle between Malde & Zach Brubert and Chase & Malone. In the second round of Doubles the Past threw in Charlie Brooks & Paddy d’Ancona, Martin Wilkinson & Joe Gribble and Chris Jones & Peter Judge, all three pairs picking up points. Despite this traditional comeback by the Past there was a win for the Present by 242-206. The day ended with a gentlemen’s foursome: Paul Reeder, Martin Wilkinson,  Robert Rigg and Gareth Quarry (see photo) combining for a game which ended something like 16-15 – what else?!