Hebden & Wilkinson are the Masters!

Marlborough, Saturday April 25th 2015

Facing the biggest field yet seen in the Masters Doubles (for 65s and over) Martin Wilkinson set out to defend the title he won the previous three years with John East (ex-Oxford!). This time Martin paired up with Dave Hebden, and they made it an all-Cambridge triumph. In addition, one half of the runners-up was also ex-Cambridge: Bernard Atkinson.

It gave RFA President Bob Dolby particular pleasure to award Martin his gold medal for a unique quartet of wins and Dave his memento likewise, for Dave has now won every National Open title there is: National Singles (x1) and National Doubles (x10); Veterans Singles (x5) and Veterans Doubles (x4), Vintage Singles (x2) and Vintage Doubles (x4); and now the Masters Doubles. Were there a Masters Singles, who’d bet against him?

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The Masters!