Hebden does the ton!

When Dave Hebden won the Masters Doubles title recently, playing for the second time with fellow Sparrow Martin Wilkinson, it went unnoticed that it was in fact Dave’s 100th Doubles title.

For those of a statistical bent the facts are: 10 National Doubles titles (all with Ian Fuller); 4 Veterans, 5 Vintage (the latest, and in toto 99th, at Cambridge with Ian Fuller in March) and 2 Masters (both with Martin Wilkinson); 1 National Schools and 2 Universities titles; 55 regional; 3 President’s Cups, 4 Puckle Cups and 14 Winchester Doubles titles.

Those who have been fortunate enough to partner Dave to success over the years, apart from Ian Fuller and Martin Wilkinson, are Keith Puckle, George Baker, Neil Roberts, Hamish Buchanan, Geoff Sherratt, Paddy d’Ancona, Dave Parlby, Andrew Cowie, Tony Wynn, Peter Woods, Peter Reynolds, Lionel Lawson, Simon Constantine, Dave Fox, Tom Williams, Keith Love and Iain de Weymarn.

In the process we shouldn’t forget that the recent win in the Masters Doubles was Martin Wilkinson’s 5th in a row!

David Hebden 99th title

Dave Hebden (r) with long-term partner Ian Fuller