Cambridge players star in the National Rankings

Rugby Fives Association
February 2017

Following their success at the National U25s Championships, Cambridge players now feature prominently in the National Rankings which are prepared for the RFA by Dave Hebden.

Ed Kay, Ben Beltrami and Matt Shaw are in the top 10 in both Singles and Doubles; freshmen Andrew Boyd and Jeremy Manger have made progress; and while other Sparrows like Charlie Brooks, Andy Pringle and Jacob Brubert also hold high rankings.

Cambridge ladies also feature prominently in the Women’s Rankings with Georgina Shepherd at 13, Cassi Henderson at 17,  Lottie Simpson at 28 and Sasha Haco at 31.

National Rankings: Singles

3   Ed Kay
5   Charlie Brooks
6   Ben Beltrami
10 Matt Shaw
31 Andrew Boyd
38 Jacob Brubert
43= Ian Jackson
54= Oli Quarry
58= James Pinder

National Rankings: Doubles

3  Ed Kay
4  Charlie Brooks
6  Matt Shaw
7  Ben Beltrami
24 Andrew Boyd
32 Andy Pringle
50 Jacob Brubert
51 Oli Quarry
55= Ian Jackson
55= Jeremy Manger
80= Laurence Cook
103= Jacob Ader
103= Jack Malde