Cambridge Past make use of greater experience to beat the Present

Cambridge, Saturday 10th February 2018

In the 69th ‘Past versus Present’ the Past made use of their greater experience to beat the Present by 49 points on the courts at New Portugal Place.

For the first time in the history of the fixture 8 individual Singles matches were played, as that is the format to be adopted in next week’s Varsity Match. While Ed Kay, Matt Shaw and Charlie Mabbutt won their matches well for the Present at nos 1-3, messrs Chase, Malde, Pringle, Reid and Pinder had too much for their relatively inexperienced opponents in the remaining matches. At the end of the Singles the score stood at 89-63 to the Past.

As is the custom with so many members of the Past volunteering to play in this fixture, four new players — Tim Caroe, Rupert Mathieu, Andy Olliver and Fred Kelly — came in for the first round of Doubles, which proved to be very close, with the Past picking up just 8 additional points.

In the second round of Doubles Matt Shaw & Charlie Mabbutt did their very best to reduce the arrears with wins 0f 15-6, 15-0, but Ed Pyman & Ashwin Ahuja and Tim Bennett & Allan McPherson found Reid & Lebon and Caroe & Malde too canny for them. The best match of the day meanwhile was proceeding on Court Nr 1, where Kay & Jeremy Manger took the first game off Elliott Malone & Tom Chase 15-9, only to lose the second 10-15.

End score: the Past beat the Present 267-218 to win the Trapnell Tankard.

During the second half of the afternoon a Mixed Match was played for the Ted Isaacs Trophy. Cassi Henderson’s team of Helena Tunks, Andy Olliver, James Pinder, Martin Robinson and Cassi beat Lottie Simpson’s team of Holly Nugent, Martin Wilkinson, Paul Simister, Rupert Mathieu and Lottie herself by 70-57.

Dinner was held this year in Pembroke College by kind invitation of the Bursar, Andrew Cates, CURFC 1987-88-89.

Andrew Boyd takes on Matt Shaw

Charlie Brooks versus Ed Kay

Cassi and Lottie – team captains

Cassi’s team: Martin, Helena, Cassi and Andy

The Old Library, Pembroke College

Charles Compton with Malcolm Reid and wearing Sparrows tie!