Sparrow tops the National Singles Rankings

June 2019

For the first time since 2002 we have a Sparrow topping the end-of-season National Singles Rankings — Ed Kay. The last and, so far, only other Sparrow to do so is Paddy d’Ancona in 2002.

Ed is also at Nr 3 in the Doubles rankings, having won his first National Doubles title, playing with Dan Tristao, in April.

For the full National Rankings in Singles and Doubles click here

So far this season Ed has won Singles titles in the London Open, the West of England Open and the North of England Open, plus the Doubles crown in the London Open (see photo above with partner Dan Grant), the West of England Open, the National Winchester Fives Doubles championship and the National Doubles.

In addition, Sparrows Charlie Brooks, Ben Beltrami and Matt Shaw, plus CURFC’s Nr. 1 Andrew Boyd feature in the top 15 of both Singles and Doubles