A new decade of Past versus Present

The 71st Past versus Present
Cambridge, Saturday 15th February 2020

This year’s Past versus Present consisted of three matches. Not only was there the traditional Men’s Past versus Present, but there was also a six-a-side Mixed Doubles match for the Ted Isaacs Trophy and the first ever Ladies Past versus Ladies Present. 34 players from 7 different decades graced the courts.

The traditional match between a Present VIII and a side representing the Past produced a large win for the Past, who had too much experience for a young Present side, running out victors by 321-138. Captain-for-the-day Laurence Cook carried off the Trapnell Tankard.

On Court Three 5 ladies under the captaincy of Holly Nugent took on a 5-strong team of past players in an exciting contest which finished in a narrow win for the Ladies Past by 169-161. Captain Helena Tunks received the Silver Sparrows Jug.

Even closer was the Mixed Doubles match, which was won 41-39 by Savanna Leboff’s team.

In all 50 people subsequently gathered in the Pembroke College Bar and then in the Old Library for the 71st Jock Burnet Dinner. After a few words from President Bob Dolby there was an upbeat report on the season from Club Captain Ashwin Ahuja. The 90th Varsity Match follows in a week’s time.

Play underway at New Portugal Place

The Old Library at Pembroke College