Mixed fortunes in the 90th Varsity Match

90th Varsity Match
St Paul’s School, Barnes
Saturday 22 February 2020

It was no great surprise that the Cambridge Men’s VIII was defeated in this year’s Varsity Match, given the strength in depth and experience of the Oxford team. Not only did Oxford field at One ex-captain of Cambridge Jacob Brubert but at Two they played ex-captain of Durham University Peter Hanton. Some had expected Oxford to score a maximum of 360 and Cambridge not to reach 100 points, but in the end the Light blues fought doggedly to restrict the score to 356-145. Inexperience also took its toll in the Sparrows v. Beavers Match where Oxford won 180-60.

However, there was great satisfaction for the Ladies, who won the 6th Ladies Varsity Match by 137-91, a significant margin in what was expected to be the closest match yet in the series. The Cambridge win was particularly pleasing as it coincided with the decision of the Blues Committee to award Half Blues for Ladies Rugby Fives.

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