The 91st Varsity Match takes place despite the pandemic!

St Paul’s School, Barnes
Sunday, 19th September 2021

The captains of Cambridge and Oxford were determined that the Varsity Match for the recent season should happen despite the pandemic, so arranged to field a Men’s VIII and a Ladies IV to stage a delayed contest at its customary venue, St Paul’s School in Barnes, in September.

Oxford were favourites to win a fourth Men’s Match in a row, while Cambridge Ladies are so far unbeaten in the 4-a-side matches which started in 2016. Both sides, however, had so little practice behind them that it was difficult to know how this year’s games might play out. Also, there were a very large number of new faces in action, particularly in the Oxford teams.

After the 8 Singles matches, which gave Oxford a small advantage, the Dark Blues were able to build a dominating lead in the first round of Men’s Doubles. Cambridge came back in the second round and were eventually happy to restrict Oxford to a victory by 295-209.

Cambridge Ladies were much too strong, however, for the inexperienced Oxford Ladies, winning by 180-19.

Neither university was able to field a reserve side, hence no Sparrows versus Beavers this year.

Thanks go to captains of both universities for ensuring that the Varsity Match is the only official Rugby Fives fixture to boast an uninterrupted record!

For detailed scores click here.

The Cambridge Squad

The Men’s VIII

The Ladies IV

The Ladies with Salver and Champagne

Having post-match fun!